FlashGot version 0.5.98 launched!


Whats new:

  • BitComet support. BitComet is a very interesting Torrent + HTTP + FTP hybrid download manager.
  • RapidShare.COM update: RapidShare.com Premium Users can perform direct FlashGot Selection on multiple RapidShare links, no matter where they’re posted. They just need to enable the Direct downloads preference in RapidShare.com Premium Zone Options.
  • Orbit support
  • Improved “Form Driven Download” support, especially useful for share sites like RapidShare Just Alt+Click on the form submission button. Best results with ReGet Deluxe, featuring native POST support, but workarounds for most other download managers.
  • Many language updates and bug fixes
  • Compatible with latest Firefox/Seamonkey/Flock/Netscape versions

What is FlashGot

FlashGot is the free Mozilla / Firefox/Flock / Thunderbird extension (compatible with Netscape too), meant to handle single and massive (“all” and “selection”) downloads with several external Download Managers.


Direct download link


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